Our Club Management Team


Board of Management

Club President - Craig Williams (Executive Director, Administration)

Club Vice President - Pam Dind (Membership Development)


Alan McNeil (Sponsorship, Admin)

Richard Keogh (Bowls Operations)

Ray Patten (Finance)

Yvonne Minton (Functions and Events)



Membership Manager - Pam Dind

Finance Office Manager - Judy Crook

Functions Manager - Yvonne Minton

HARROPS Shop Manager - Barbara Harrop



 Phil Gude (BV) with Pam Dind and Craig Williams)

Photo - from left - Phil Gude (Bowls Vic) with Pam Dind and Craig Williams at our 90th Anniversary Celebration

Bowls Operations

Director - Richard Keogh

Administration Manager - John Crook

Coaching and Tournament Director - Robert Huddle

Match Committee Coordinator - Eric Olerhead

Selection Committee Chair - Kevin Coughlin

Greens Manager - Peter Armistead

Assistant Administration - John Fraser

Bowls Operations Assistant - Wendy Williams

State Events Coordinator - Alan Ash

Club Championships Coordinator - Neville Bradley

Selection Committee - Kevin Coughlin  |  Alan Ash  |  Daryl Brown  |  Gary Lacey  |  Pers Lienors  |  Michael Vaughan  |  John Daniels  |  Milka Vogt